It’s the season of renewal, and the time of year for people to carry out detailed cleaning, car repairs and maintenance checks.

Spring is the time to clean up the garage, examine the garage door system and consider if it might be time to replace it, especially if it was acting up during the winter. Organizing and decluttering your garage is important, but it’s also important to realize that eventually, the door will need to be replaced.

Here’s why spring is the best time to replace your garage door.

Safety and Security

When homeowners change their windows and entry doors, it’s to be more energy efficient and secure. We often forget that the garage door is an essential point of access that gets the least amount of attention when it comes to security.

Safety means protection against theft and home break-ins, and a garage door that doesn’t operate correctly risks harm to you and your family. After a long hard winter, springtime is the perfect time to replace or repair your garage door and improve your family’s safety.

Wear and Tear

How to Check the Balance of Your Garage Door

After a harsh Canadian winter, it’s not unusual for your garage door to take a beating. Many moving parts go into making a garage door open. Wear and tear on the springs is one of the most common issues with a malfunctioning garage door.

If changing your garage door isn’t the plan, then think about giving it a proper tune-up. The lifespan of a spring is around five to six years. Cold temperatures can result in misaligned springs, and even though the spring may not break, after time, it loses strength and resilience.


Spring brings blooming flowers and budding trees, but it also brings a long list of home improvements. Home improvement projects and household chores usually take place during spring, allowing you time to complete everything on your list. Improving the value of your home is as simple as giving your garage door a makeover.

From better-insulated doors that save on energy costs to added value when it comes to the home itself, replacing your garage door is an investment, especially if you’re thinking of selling your home.

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