If it’s time to buy a new garage door, you’ve probably started searching the Internet or asked family and friends for recommendations. So, what’s the next step? If you are planning on visiting a garage door dealer in your area, there are specific questions you should ask. Here are questions we recommend you ask.

The Business

  • How many years have they been in business?
  • Do they have the liability insurance needed in the event an accident occurs on the job site?
  • Do they have a showroom? If so, take a tour of their showroom to get a closer look at their products.

Their Clients

  • Have they done any projects in your neighbourhood?
  • Will they provide you with names of people they’ve done installations for?
  • Can they provide photos of other projects they’ve completed?

Go online and check out their reviews. If the garage door dealer has done work in your neighbourhood, go check it out.

Their Approach

  • Did they ask you about your budget?
  • Did they ask you questions about requirements?
  • Did they take the necessary steps to understand the architectural style of your home?
  • Did they present options? Brands? Products?
  • Did they help you understand functionality, strengths, insulation and durability with the aesthetic appeal of the door?
  • Did they show you a variety of solutions to meet your needs and style?
  • Were you pleased with the quote?
  • Did they resolve all of your issues?

Their Warranty

  • Is there a warranty available for the garage door?
  • Do they provide a warranty on the installation?
  • Is there a warranty on electric door openers?
  • Do they provide maintenance advice or guides?

What to do Next…

If you are ready to replace your garage door, contact us today. Visit ontrackdoorsystemsgreybruce.ca for more information. We appreciate your business and look forward to providing you with quality products and excellent customer service!